Laura S – Batavia
We received your post card reminder for the 226k service. I appreciate the reminders. We have decided to upgrade and trade-in the Honda Civic for a new car--likely a Civic. Once we have the new car, I will be in touch with you for future maintenance and care. The Civic has served us very well and I credit you for keeping the car in top shape.
Bill H – Cincinnati
Just got an oil change on my 2013 Honda CRV at Douglas B Auto Care. I have been going to Doug for over 20 years and he is not only my Honda mechanic but I consider him my friend as well. He always explains what is going on so that even I can understand it. My mechanical ability just barely includes using a can opener without severely injuring myself so his explanation is always much appreciated. As I said to Doug today, I always come back to him 'cause he is so good!!!
Lynette – Amelia
We have used Douglas B Autocare for our Honda maintenance for 14 years. We have always found him to be thorough, conscientious of how much we would be charged and willing to explain in detail what our vehicles would need. He is extremely trustworthy and I would recommend with great confidence his service. He is very knowledgeable about all models of Honda cars and will prolong the life of your vehicle if you follow his service plan and advice. My husband's Accord had over 300,000 miles on it when it was gifted to our grandson. You couldn't put your car or your wallet in better hands.
John D. – Anderson
Doug has been working on my Hondas for some 28 years. He is conscientious, dedicated, and does excellent work. When you go to Douglas B Autocare, you talk to and deal with the owner-boss (that's important). Doug has saved me a lot of money over the years, as well as keeping my Honda running well. I won't go anywhere else for my maintenance and I recommend him to all my friends who own Hondas.
Scott Z. – Milford
I have been going to Douglas B Autocare for over 25 years to get my Honda automobiles serviced. Doug has a great record of performing high quality work. He does not do any work that is not needed – that is a key factor in my book. I have often purchased used Honda cars not just for the Honda name, but because I know when I need Honda service, I can count on Doug.
Dave G. – Loveland
I have been taking my cars to Douglas B. for over 15 years – two Integras and an Odyssey. Their knowledge of Honda and Acura vehicles is superb! They can tell you what is going to break down and when, if you ask them. Doug always provides an explanation of the work he is doing and I never felt like he was asking me to do repairs that were not necessary. His rates are good, but his service is WAY beyond that of the dealer. You do not want anyone else working on your vehicle. I tell everyone I know that has a Honda or Acura to visit Douglas B Autocare.
Jerry G.
Excellent service and repair. I have trusted Doug and his associate for many years. Currently I take three Honda Accords and a Pilot to Doug B Autocare. My high mileage cars have 150000 or more miles on each. I leave after the service with utmost confidence that I will not return until the next service. Reliability is a huge factor me. I fully believe I get more than I ever pay for in their expertise and knowledge of Honda autos.
Chris S. – Anderson
Years ago, we bought a Honda Civic and although the dealership was good, we wanted a personal mechanic to trust our car with. We asked around the neighborhood and got a recommendation to take it to Douglas B Auto. Our neighbor had been going to them for years and only bought Hondas. We never expected to get anything like we received. Taking your car to Douglas B Auto is like taking your child to a pediatrician. They only service Honda and Acura automobiles and take better care of your car than you do. They send a card when you are due for an oil change; they change your windshield wipers using only Honda blades. Any parts that need to be replaced are Honda parts. They let you know when tires, brakes, and major or minor tune-ups are due ahead of time so there are no surprises when you take it in. Knowing ahead of time the tires will need to be replaced or a major checkup is about to be due is a lot easier on the budget when you can plan ahead of time. They check for oil, transmission or water leaks every time they change the oil and top off all the fluids. If you have any questions they answer them completely and honestly. They look forward to your business and treat you like family. I have recommended all of my friends and family who buy a Honda to take it to them. They have the best Honda technicians in Cincinnati. I now own a Honda Pilot and a Honda CRV and will keep taking them to Douglas B Auto as long as I own a Honda because to the trusted, personalized care they provide.
Max B. – Anderson
This guy seriously knows Honda's. I started taking my 1998 Accord to Doug back in 2007, about a year after I bought it, and the car has rarely had maintenance anywhere else. I even take it to Doug on a regular basis just to get the oil changed. Why? Because it's worth it. I pay the same amount (or less) as I would for the generic "turn and burn" experience I would get at a Valvoline, except with Doug, I get a mini diagnosis of other potential issues or future concerns with the car. That is important with a nearly 20 year old car. He will tell you what you need to hear, not what he wants you to hear. And for people who know next to nothing about cars (myself included), he explains things in simple terms, and also why things do what they do. You get this service whether or not your car is 20 years old or brand new. If you own a Honda, do yourself a favor and take it to Douglas B. Autocare. Maybe even consider buying one just knowing that you will have a proper mechanic to take it to when the time comes. Here's a formula to consider: Honda + Doug B. Autocare = 0 stress in the automobile category. Seriously, who has time these days to get stressed out over car trouble? I sure don't. Like I said, my Accord is nearly 20 years old, and it is still going strong.
Cristy S. – Anderson
For the record, I have had nothing but EXCELLENT service from Douglas B Auto Care for 10 years. Doug and his associate Tony always listen to my needs, notify me of regular maintenance, work with me to schedule care to fit my budget, and have been a wonderful resource to brainstorm other family vehicle issues. I have been treated very well by their superior business integrity too. I sincerely recommend their professional services on Honda/Acura products.
Philip L. – Anderson
Douglas is by far the best mechanic that I have had the pleasure to work with. He takes care of my car as if it was his own. He is 100% honest and upfront about everything. You will never walk away from his shop feeling like you have been taken advantage of. As an example he doesn’t just do a standard oil change, he lubes everything, makes sure your tire pressures are correct, all fluids are topped off, and if there is anything extra that needs to be done he will call you and let you know exactly what is going on and why it should be done or if it can wait. In regards to the drop off and pick up, I think the fact that I can drop my car off the night before have it worked on and then pick it up later that night is wonderful. It works out great with my busy schedule and Douglas is always willing to work with me in this regard. To say that he puts his customers first is an understatement, you really won’t find a better place to take your car to.
David B. – Maineville
The best Honda and Acura auto repair shop in Cincinnati! I have been a long standing customer of Douglas B. Auto. It is a real pleasure to have an auto repair shop you can trust. The work has always been performed in a timely manner at a reasonable price. This is a place I can really count on to take care of my vehicles and keep them running their best as Doug has always stressed "preventative maintenance" will help your vehicle beat the odds. Thank you Douglas B. Auto!
Todd P. – Hamilton
Doug is first of all, a GREAT Honda/Acura mechanic! He knows and understands how to diagnose and resolve issues as well as providing regular service and maintenance. He is up-front, honest, to-the-point, very good on pricing, and he works to satisfy the customer at all times. I’ve used Doug for 13 years, with 3 Hondas and 1 Acura. I’ve recommended Doug to every Honda owner I know with complete confidence that Doug will treat them just like he has treated me. I’ve also used Doug for tires and batteries, knowing that Doug keeps all of the automobile records. Doug also keeps me up to date on all service items and even reminds me of things like spare tire inflation and wiper blades, that can be overlooked by the average driver. I purchased my latest 2 Hondas knowing that I can rely on Doug for superior service. Douglas B. Autocare is #1.
Rachel B.
I don't even own a Honda or acura but this gentleman stopped and helped me fix my flat tire and all he asked was to pay it forward. If your looking for an honest and good person to work on your car this is where you should go. I'm buying a Honda just so I can go here and never deal with dishonest people again. God blesses those who bless him and do good unto others.
Rob H.
Honest Service – I've been taking my car to Doug for many years. You will not find a more honest, hard working mechanic.
Best Honda Mechanic Around! – Super friendly & knowledgeable! I wouldn't trust my Honda to anyone else!