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Everyone has turning points in their lives and 1981 was that year for me. I married the girl of my dreams and opened the doors of my first small business, the Douglas Company. Tagged “Affordable 4 Cylinder Automobiles,” I started out buying and selling four-cylinder cars to meet the demand that had skyrocketed in response to the gas crunch of the early 80s. Many makes and models came and went on my lot, and during that time, Honda vehicles were a real standout. In my experience, they were superior in every way to the other cars I was selling.

While Honda’s top-of-the-line factory parts were reasonably priced and quickly shipped, it’s the Honda clientele that made me decide to ultimately only service Honda vehicles in 1989 – renaming my business Douglas B Autocare. Honda buyers who had visited my lot were responsible and eager for a good, dependable car, and I wanted to be the reliable, honest technician they could turn to help maintain their beloved Hondas.

Today, more than 25 years later, I’m still the reliable, honest technician my clients have come to trust. Repeat customers make up the majority of my business, my Honda-owning family. I look forward to welcoming you to the family soon.

Doug, Founder


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