Specialized in Honda/Acura

  1. Over 37 years experience
  2. Expertise in Hondas and Acuras
  3. ASE certified mechanics
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WEEK DAYS: 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM


3951 Nine Mile Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45255

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Why us?

Humble Beginnings

Our main focus is the complete care and maintenance of Honda and Acura automobiles with far more detail than the dealer. We mostly service repeat customers cars and recall them individually according their personal “miles per day” number. We consider the vast majority of our clients cars “our cars” and treat them as such.

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  • Explain everything in plain language
  • Serving Cincinnati for over 37 Years
  • Rachel B.
    I don't even own a Honda or acura but this gentleman stopped and helped me fix my flat tire and all he asked was to pay it forward. If your looking for an honest and good person to work on your car this is where you should go. I'm buying a Honda just so I can go here and never deal with dishonest people again. God blesses those who bless him and do good unto others.
  • Rob H.
    Honest Service – I've been taking my car to Doug for many years. You will not find a more honest, hard working mechanic.
  • Michelle
    Best Honda Mechanic Around! – Super friendly & knowledgeable! I wouldn't trust my Honda to anyone else!
  • Laura S – Batavia
    We received your post card reminder for the 226k service. I appreciate the reminders. We have decided to upgrade and trade-in the Honda Civic for a new car--likely a Civic. Once we have the new car, I will be in touch with you for future maintenance and care. The Civic has served us very well and I credit you for keeping the car in top shape.
  • Bill H – Cincinnati
    Just got an oil change on my 2013 Honda CRV at Douglas B Auto Care. I have been going to Doug for over 20 years and he is not only my Honda mechanic but I consider him my friend as well. He always explains what is going on so that even I can understand it. My mechanical ability just barely includes using a can opener without severely injuring myself so his explanation is always much appreciated. As I said to Doug today, I always come back to him 'cause he is so good!!!
  • Lynette – Amelia
    We have used Douglas B Autocare for our Honda maintenance for 14 years. We have always found him to be thorough, conscientious of how much we would be charged and willing to explain in detail what our vehicles would need. He is extremely trustworthy and I would recommend with great confidence his service. He is very knowledgeable about all models of Honda cars and will prolong the life of your vehicle if you follow his service plan and advice. My husband's Accord had over 300,000 miles on it when it was gifted to our grandson. You couldn't put your car or your wallet in better hands.



Since we focus on Hondas and Acuras, we know exactly what to look for.

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We’ve seen all Honda and Acura models for the past 37 years. We’ve seen how they age, we’ve seen what fails, when and where.


Unlike most mechanics we will share our diagnosis with you in detail and lay all the options on the table.

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As ASE certified mechanics working on Honda’s for over three decards, you can rest assured we can repair it.

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More about repairs


Regular preventive maintenance is the single most important thing you can do as a car owner to keep your ride happy and save money on repairs in the future.
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A properly maintained engine can last you hundreds of thousands of miles.
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Thorough inspection and repair your brake system.
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Air Conditioning

Has your once icy blast of cold air become warmer over the years? Yeah we can fix that.
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While your tires take the brunt of Cincinnati’s potholes, we can ensure they are rolling smoothly and giving you the best gas mileage.
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  • What if I have a car that isn’t a Honda or Acura?

    We decided to focus on Hondas over 26 years ago because of the reliability, fuel economy, availability of parts, and quality. Today that still stands true. We focus only on Honda and Acuras to give you the highest quality service.

  • Why is my check engine light on?

    A check engine light is your car’s early warning indicator and it can represent a number of things. Whenever you see this light come on it is important to bring your car in where our Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) technicians will read the codes from your car to pinpoint exactly what the issue it. Ignoring this light could lead to bigger problems later on.

  • How do I know when my car needs maintenance?

    We get it, life gets busy. That’s why we estimate your personal “miles per day” and schedule your routine maintenance to fit your schedule. Service records can be valuable assets if you decide to sell your car.

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